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8500 S

Wellness United are the exclusive importers of the top of the range Angel Juicer 8500 made with surgical grade stainless steel.

We also import and distribute the Angel 5500 model. More juice, less pulp and more nutrition due to powerful and close fitting twin stainless steel gears that squeeze all the juice and nutrients for maximum health and wellness. We carry spare parts and do servicing and repairs on site.

Food Dehydrator

EZIDRI Snackmaker FD500 Food Dehydrator

High-performance dryer for the drying of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish, herbs, flowers or cooking fruit or vegetable cakes from puree. The dryer can be expanded from basic 5 to up to 15 trays while maintaining excellent drying quality, significantly increasing its capacity. Special circulation of hot air ensures even drying in all trays. All materials used are BPA free and easy to maintain. The package includes 5 basic trays, one solid sheet for drying fruit, yogurt and vegetable pureee and one mesh sheet for herb drying.

Snackmaker FD500

EZIDRI FD1000 Ultra Digital Food Dryer

High performance and high capacity food dehydrator for drying of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish, herbs, flowers or cooking fruit or vegetable purees. The dryer comes with 5 trays which can be expanded to up to 30 while maintaining excellent drying quality, significantly increasing its capacity; special circulation of hot air ensures even drying in all trays. The digital display allows setting the duration (up to 48 hours) and temperature of drying (30 – 70 °C); the dryer is ideal for drying at low temperatures and preparing RAW food.

Ultra FD1000 Digital


The Oxy Chi is the worlds best Chi Machine. The Oxy Chi 20 Speed Pro is the top model. Relaxercise is a term used to describe the use of a Chi Machine. Simply lay on the floor and rest your feet on the foot cradle as your body is gently rocked creating a unique bodywave that improves oxygen, circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxes muscles and joints reducing back pain. Increases energy or “Chi”

oxychi machine
oxychi machine

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An overview of Angel Juicer 5500: What You Need to Know

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An overview of Angel Juicer 8500

Angel Juicers are the premium choice of Cold Press Juicers on the market due to their ability to extract all

What makes the Oxychi Bodywave Pro the world’s best Chi Machine?

In designing the world’s best the chi machine, it was important to ensure that it would suit as many people as

Google Reviews

Donald MacLean
Donald MacLean
Ben, Kahlia and the team provided outstanding customer service including over the phone trouble shooting, prompt postage of spare parts and video call followup to help me carry out some repairs on my 8500 Angel Juicer. I highly recommend these guys! Thanks and keep up the great work!
Tina Martyn
Tina Martyn
Outstanding customer service ☆☆☆☆☆ Highly recommended for 'after care' follow up , super fast results and replies. Ashley is super efficient and delightfully helpful. Appreciated. Great satisfaction in knowing that Wellness United gaurantee their ☆fantastic products ☆ only UPSIZING my 14+ year old ,still working ,EZIDRY 500 model -to EZIDRY FD1000 =these dehydrators will outlast me.YOU will never regret owning an EZIDRY.♡
Thi Hanh Vu
Thi Hanh Vu
I have received the Oxy Chi-20-speed-pro-chi-machine the next day. I have tried it straight away. At first my ankle was hurting because the rubber is very hard after additional padding, I loveeeeeee the Oxy Chi. I feel relaxed while doing it. I have noticed being more energetic. I can feel slight muscle sore on the side of my ribs. I have noticed a slight metallic taste on first day of usage. I have rinsed my mouth with water as recommended, no issue since. I'm using Oxy Chi mainly to detox my body and to get more energy flow in my blood stream. I totally convinced this is achieved. I have already recommended Oxy Chi to my friends. I wouldn't mind to tone my stomach. Thank you, Wellness Uniting for the prompt delivery and Ben for his professionalism.
viviana davies
viviana davies
After having a Sun Ancon machine, for 20 years, we purchased OxiChi due to its reasonable price and local availability. We have been beyond pleased to discover that not only did it work as well as our old machine, but its innovative features of speed adjustment and gradual start up and slow down of the speed when finishing made the experience even more healing and beneficial. I have practiced various forms of massage and body therapy for 40 years, and I recommend it highly.
A Knight
A Knight
We loved the Chi Machine for the 5 Months that we have had it. My Wife swears by the good effects it has for her. Her bad back has been so much better since using the Machine and general Health has improved as well
Antony Knight
Antony Knight
We have had this unit for 5 months now and have loved the effects of the "Wobbler"