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An overview of Angel Juicer 5500: What You Need to Know

Angel Juicer 5500, Twin Gear Juicer, Angel 5500

If you are in the market for the high quality juicer with high yields of healthiest nutritious, delicious juices, you have landed at the right place. When you search for top quality juicers, you can find the market flooded by various brands and claims. The Angel brand features juicers of unparalleled quality crafted with the best materials using cutting edge technology to get high yields and retain the most nutrients. The Angel Juicer 5500 is an excellent choice for those seeking the results that only the Angel Juicer can provide at an entry-level price. It is made with food grade stainless steel with stunning looks and build quality.

The Design and Build Quality

If you are looking for an efficient twin gear juice extractor at an entry level price, then the Angel 5500 is the go-to option for you. The unique stainless steel twin gears rotate at a low 86RPM with incredible strength and ability to squeeze out the juice while retaining the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The semi industrial design provides the ability to endure high pressure allowing you to get great results with vegetables, fruits, seeds and even nuts.. The precisely engineered twin gears combined with the powerful motor and slow rpm  provides around 30% increase in the volume of juice even when compared to other premium juices. The researchers at Angel Juicers have tested their products to be resistant to bacterial growth.

Who are Angel Juicers?

The Angel Juicer company was founded in Korea in 1982 as the brain child of Mr. Moon Lee who from the beginning set out to design and build a juicer that could extract the best quality juice with a focus on healing illness and maintaining optimal health. He was and still is an advocate of juice fasting and using food as medicine after his own health journey.

Why Angel Juicers?

The Angel Juicer is for juicing enthusiasts who value quality. Quality of machine but more importantly the quality of the health promoting juice. Many people report that the juice tastes smoother and better that from any other juicer they have used in the past.

Nothing comes close to the Angel Juicer for green leafy vegetables such as Kale, celery, parsley or wheatgrass!

You also want the Angel because it is an investment in both health and also in terms of the money saved due to dryer pulp and much improved volume of juice.

The Angel produces the best tasting, best quality juice with the driest pulp and the most volume.

It is easy to use and clean and designed to be the only juicer you will ever buy.

Since their operation Angel Co have continually improved and upgraded their Angel Juicers with added technology although the basic design from the outside has remained remarkably similar. Using either food grade 304 stainless steel or surgical grade 316 stainless steel in the gear to extract maximum high quality healthy juice  from a wide range of vegetables and fruits and seeds.. Indeed you would love to have a Super Angel Premium Deluxe juicer machine.

The Angel Juicer Angelia 5500 has a manual reverse button.  If overloaded a beep is heard and it will stop. At that point, you need to manually push the reverse button that will release pressure instantly off of the sieve.

Overview of Angel Juicer

The Angel comes standard with everything that you need for juicing and for cleaning the juicer.

The motor block is the main section which is part of your angel juicer 5500 that rotates the twin gear for juice extraction. The fine quality sieve (housing) is versatile and can handle all vegetables, fruits, berries, leafy greens so there is no limitation on what you can juice.

For The Angel Juicer, you also get a stainless steel scraper to help you easily remove the coarser materials and leftovers from the screen. A splash guard fits nicely on top of the sieve and includes a removable power cord to connect the juicer to electricity. The two high-quality plastic containers to collect juice and pulp are food grade. These items come as a package when you buy your dream juicer to make the healthy juice.

In summary the Angel Juicer comes complete with: motor, twin gears, regular housing with small holes, housing cover (splash guard) plastic juicing and pulp collection containers, wooden pusher, standard cleaning brush and stainless steel cleaning blade.

The Angel Juicer manual contains great tips and juice recipes.

There are also a range of after-market options such as glass or stainless steel Juice collection containers and the option of an additional thicker wooden plunger with a silicon ring which is great for fruits.

For those who want to make fruit sorbetes, nut butters or to specialize in fruit juice there are specific housings for those purposes. A premium toothbrush style brush is also available to make cleaning even easier.

Angel Juicer Accessories

Accessories provide the option of transforming the Angel Juicer into a multipurpose kitchen tool.. You can choose from:

Angel Juicer Coarse Screen (Soft Fruit Attachment)

The coarse screen is designed for those who want to juice soft fruits more quickly and without removing all of the pulp, providing a slightly thicker juice.

Angel Juicer Mashing Housing (Nut Butter Attachment)

The peanut butter sieve, also famous as a blank sieve, helps to make stuff like nut butter, sorbets (a type of Italian ice cream), mash baby food and anything that involves your unique purify requirements.

Angel Juicer Grinding Housing (Sorbet Attachment)

The Sorbet attachment turns frozen fruits such as mango or banana into delicious healthy sorbet ice cream

Premium Brush

The premium brush helps you with detailed cleaning tasks which can be performed easily; indeed, people who like to keep their machine spotless will be glad to have this helpful tool

Silicon Wooden Juice Pusher

The Silicon Wooden Pusher is made of Birchwood and silicon and is best for soft fruits such as kiwis, pineapples, tomatoes and pearls etc. because fibers from such fruits tend to stick into the holes of the housing. The wooden-silicon pusher fits nicely into the filling Shute and will clear any liquid to keep the feeding Shute clear for continuous juicing.

Angel Glass Juice Container

This is one of the best upgrades for the Angel Juicers as it fits really nicely under the machine which creates an even better juicing experience. It will not stain and pours nicely.

Stainless Steel Juice Container

For those who don’t like plastic juice containers, the Super Angel Juicer offer a stainless steel juice container to collect the juice.

Here are the points that make an Angel5500 a must-have item for your kitchen;

Food grade stainless steel Juicers

The Super Angel 5500 Juicer machines are made from a food quality stainless steel material called sus304 for healthy juice without chemicals.

As there are no plastic parts used there is no chance that chemicals will leach into your healthy juice. All other juicers on the market contain plastic parts.


If you are looking for a juicer that can extract every nutrient that nature provides from fruits and vegetables, Juicer 5500 by Angel Juicer is best for you. It combines the 3 Horse Power grinding force and shattering helical gear technology along with a multi extracting system that a normal juicer can’t do.


The Super Angel Deluxe Juicer is a fine juicer that can grind and mash with perfection, including soybeans and even frozen fruits, with the grinding attachment you can make healthy nut butters.

Juicing green leafy vegetables is a cinch for the Angel juicer which other cold press juicers often struggle with.

The Angel Cold Press Juicer is known worldwide as a the premium juicer choice with a higher price tag than other juicers due to the lasting quality and unique design. Due to the higher juice yield your investment will pay for itself over time with dryer pulp and greater juice volume higher in vitamins and minerals than any other juicer.

Although it is also known as Angel slow juicer, the time it takes to juice is similar to juicers with a fast spinning blade due to the higher volume and dryer pulp.

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