Hidden benefits of Chia Seeds

High quality Organic Chia Seeds – a nutritious, way to lower inflammation and loose weight. It turns out over 80% of men and women over 40 suffer from the same condition without even knowing it just from the simple wear and tear your body goes through as you get older The good news is… You can […]

What is a Chi Machine?

What is a chi machine

…and why is the Oxy Chi is the worlds best Chi Machine? A Chi Machine stimulates oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids, relaxes muscles, promotes healthy joints including the spine and nerves. It does this via a movement of the body from side to side in a gentle but vigorous motion. They are fun and relaxing […]

Pumpkin & Feta Orzo (Risoni) Salad

The first time I made this salad, my family couldn’t get enough and it was a winner where ever I would take it. This would go great with anything and be perfect for Lunchbots Lunchboxes. I no longer have the recipe, so this is coming from my recipe bank, in my head …………. You can […]

The Angel Juicer

Angel Juicer Side

The best Juicer on the Planet has arrived at Wellness United. We are delighted to announce that we are now the direct importers of this amazing machine! With its twin gears, 100% stainless steel construction, massive power and superior juice extraction the Angel is the juicer for anyone wanting maximum yield, maximum nutrition, sheer elegance […]