Iron Rich Choc Cherry Smoothie

A creamy treat smoothie made with Iron rich ingredients such as leafy greens, cacao, nuts, and molasses. Paired with Vitamin C rich cherries, to increase absorption of iron in the Gut.

This is a great one for kids and vegetarians looking to increase their iron rich foods throughout the day. Have it as a snack, a treat or even for breakfast!




1 cup Leafy greens

¾ cup Frozen Cherries

1 cup Milk of choice

2 tbsp Cacao powder or Carob powder

1 scoop Protein powder or collagen powder

2 Medjool dates

1 – 2 tsp Black strap Mollasses

½ Banana

1 tsp Nut butter (check out the Angel nut butter attachment here)




  • Add all ingredients to your Vitamix blender , and blend at high speed till smooth in consistency.
  • Pour into a large glass and top with buckwheat and desiccated coconut for extra crunch and decadence.

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