…and why is the Oxy Chi is the worlds best Chi Machine?
A Chi Machine stimulates oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids, relaxes muscles, promotes healthy joints including the spine and nerves.
It does this via a movement of the body from side to side in a gentle but vigorous motion.
They are fun and relaxing to use, you simply lay down and relax as the machine stimulates your body’s lymphatic drainage, muscles and joints and promotes the oxygenated blood to all your organs
The first generation of Chi Machines operated on a single speed due to motor technology restrictions and had a ticking timer.

So how does the OxyChi work?

The 20 Speed PRO begins and ends each session with a 20 second warm up/down. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing the most comfortable speed or speeds to suit the user, laying back and experiencing the relaxation. The Speeds on the 20 PRO range from 1 (which is approximately 90 swings per minute) to 20 (approximately 160 swings per minute). Users often comment on the positive effects of multiple speeds. Having that choice and experiencing accelerating speeds offers a relaxing and invigorating experience.

One of the key benefits of the Oxy Chi Machine is lymphatic drainage. When regular exercise is not achieved lymphatic fluid can build up in the body substantially. Therefore the toxins and wastes that the system has worked to remove actually stay in the body. The OxyChi promotes lymphatic drainage thereby aiding weight loss, reducing puffiness, improving skin health and improving immunity.
Once lymphatic fluid flows well it stimulates the immune system, the movement also relieves tension in joints and muscles, especially the hips, back and neck. Many people experience relief of headaches, back pain, muscle tension,arthritis & inflammation.

Another benefit of the OxyChi is the improvements in circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrition to cells. This aids in the removal of toxic wastes and increases mitochondrial activity (energy producing powerhouses) within muscle and nerve cells.

So, to summarise the answer to your question “what is a chi machine?”… the Oxy Chi Machine helps with the following:

For best results we recommend drinking pure water after each session, with best results coming from alkaline, ionised water*
* Ask us about the MinWell+ Alkalne Water Treatment System.

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