Angel Juicer 8500 Twin Gear Juicer

Angel Juicer 8500 Twin Gear Juicer

The Angel Juicer 8500 Twin Gear Juicer is the best in the world, made from SUS 316 surgical grade stainless steel. The Angel Juicer produces more than juice and dryer pulp than any other juicer. Juice lasts longer and is smoother due to the tight fitting twin gears. Even the juice and nutrition from seeds such as pomegranate or seeds will be extracted. When only the best will do chose the Angel Juicer 8500!  


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Angel Juicer 8500 Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer – made with Surgical Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Producing better quality juice, more juice and dryer pulp that any other juicier

The 8500 model is the top model of super Angel Juicers. The major parts including motor, gear box, cooling systems and safety sensors and control panels have been upgraded and reinforced to exceed the Australian electrical specifications.

Surgical Grade SUS 316 Stainless Steel is used for the Twin Gears and extracting housing which are known for their durability and anti corrosion, even under extreme conditions.

    • Anti-jamming system by self-adjusting speed control when overloading
    • Automatic reverse function when jamming
    • Automatic cooling system when overheating inside the juicer
    • Automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor
    • Newly designed main control board

With a natural stainless steel finish, this twin gear juicer will provide you with everything you have ever wanted in a juicer. When you hear twin gear, it means that two gears or augers are used to squeeze the juice from vegetables or fruits providing a much better yield. The Angel gears are far superior to any other twin gear juicer on the market. When you see the gears side by side next to other there is simply no comparison.

The powerful motor, fully stainless steel gears, combined with a low RPM of 82, means that you can be assured that the Super Angel Juicer will get you every last drop of juice from whatever fruit or vegetable you are feeding into it. The Super Angel Juicer ensures that anyone who uses it gets all the enzymes they were meant to from their food. Motors that run faster with blades will spit your juice out quickly, but will also lose a lot of the good nutrients inside the food. The Angel Juicer will give you anywhere from 20 to 30 percent more juice from the same foods than competing juicers. At 10 kilos, the unit is light enough to move in and out of kitchen cabinets, but is also perfect for countertops.

The twin gears are larger and stronger than any those found on any other twin gear juicer. The strength and design of the gears combined with the super powerful motor mean that you can extract more nutrients from foods. The Angel Juicer is the only juicer capable of extracting the full nutrient value from seeds where many important nutrients and antioxidant are found.

The Angel Juicer is the one of the most expensive juicers in the world for a good reason, the build quality is obvious just by looking at it, but what really counts is the quality of the juice and volume it extracts. This is especially the case when juicing vegetables.
The Angel Juicer excels in juicing leafy greens, pomegranates, wheat grass, beetroot, ginger, broccoli, kale for example are juiced with ease, leaving only the driest pulp behind.
After using the Angel Juicer other juicers can feel like toys in comparison. It really is the juicer for juicing enthusiasts!
The 8500 is the top of the range Angel Juicer being made with an even higher grade stainless steel called sus316 which is considered surgical grade, providing extra strength to the gears and added corrosion protection. In addition to the reverse button it also comes with an automatic sensor that detects jamming and goes into reverse automatically.
– Difference between Food Grade and Surgical Grade stainless steel –
Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Alloy:
SUS-304 (Food grade) : Chromium 18%, Nickel 8%
SUS-316 (Surgical grade) : Chromium 16%, Nickel 10%, Molybdenum 2%, SUS-316 surgical grade stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion.
When you purchase from us you are dealing directly with the imports of the Angel Juicer. Wellness United is Australian owned and operated by an experienced local Naturopath so we also offer professional advice those who need it.
Our sister company “Malvern Natural Health Care” is a Naturopathic clinic and Wellness Centre located in Malvern East, Victoria. This is where your juicer will be sent from and where you can come for health advice or to pick up your juicer in person.
Servicing and repairs are therefore done in Australia and we stock spare parts and accessories should you ever need them.

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