Aroma Diffuser WM108

Aroma Diffuser WM108

Wellness United WM-108 Aroma Diffuser produces an elegant mist as its ultrasonic technology delivers essential oils (optional), humidification and negative ions purifying the air!

The Wellness United WM-108 Aroma diffuser is a gentle, inconspicuous Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier.  Perfect for the home, office, salons or clinics

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Wellness United WM-108 Aroma Diffuser produces an elegant mist as its ultrasonic technology delivers essential oils (optional), humidification and negative ions purifying the air!

The Wellness United WM-108 Aroma diffuser is a gentle, inconspicuous Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier.  Perfect for the home, office, salons or clinics

Simple to use and requires only the smallest amount of essential oils to achieve a your favorite aroma.

The Wellness United WM-108 Aroma diffuser has the ability to switch off automatically thanks to an in-built water level sensor.

Quite operation and soothing blue light makes it popular as a night light in the kids’ bedroom.

The added benefit of negative ions remove dust from the air making is great for allergy sufferers.

  • Eliminate unpleasant environmental odors.
  • Purify the air to create a healthy environment.
  • Create a beautiful atmosphere at work and improve concentration and mental clarity.


Safe to use:
  • Ultrasonic diffuser, so no heating involved.
  • Built in water level sensor switches off the unit when the water is low.
  • Plug removes from unit for easy rinsing.
Night lamp:
  • Soft blue light for a relaxing, calming environment.
  • Perfect for a night light in the kids room or spare bedroom.
  • Light automatically switches off when unit runs out of water.
Quiet Operation:
  • Ultrasonic technology is the quietest of all humidifiers on the market.
  • 12 month Australian Warranty.

Ultrasonic technology used in the Wellness United WM-10 Aroma Diffuser provides:

Quite operation and superior dispersion of aromatherapy oils

Uses high frequency vibrations to break down the water into tiny molecules and produces an elegant mist.

This releases the essential oils in their 100% purest form and enhances the effect of aromatherapy while dispersing a beautiful aroma around your room.

Can be used with or without Essential Oils.

The Wellness108 Aroma Diffuser uses only a fraction of the oil that other types of diffusers require saving you money while you indulge in your favourite Essential Oils.  Plus you’re creating a healthier environment for yourself, your family, friends, children or clients.

Benefits of Negative Ions:

The Wellness United WM-108 Aroma diffuser creates negative ions. So what does that mean?

Negative Ions are basically oxygen ions with an extra electron that are produced in water molecules.

They are found in nature, near fresh, flowing water supplies such as waterfalls.

The benefits of negative ions is that the extra electrons attach themselves to unwanted particles such as dust, bacteria, pollen, mould spores (to name a few) and basically purify the air.

The particles become heavy and settle to the ground or onto furniture leaving the air free from contaminants.

Top 10 health benefits of Negative Ions:

  1. Improves overall well-being.
  2. Removes dust, pollen, mould spores and other allergens from the air.
  3. Alleviates stress and mental fatigue.
  4. Improves sleep.
  5. Significantly decreases airborne bacteria and viruses.
  6. Decreases chance of respiratory illnesses such as asthma, hayfever, colds and flu.
  7. Relaxing effect that alleviates tension.
  8. Relieves headaches and sickness by increasing flow of oxygen to the brain.
  9. Improves energy levels and focus.
  10. Helps maintain positivity and clarity thanks to its ability to normalize seratonin levels. 

Benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy:

The Wellness United WM-108 Aroma diffuser delivers essential oils very efficiency, providing a vast range of health benefits.

Essential Oils sterilize and deodorize the air you breathe and are an exceptional way of scenting your home or workplace.

To begin with, using oils instead of scented sprays or cans means you’re not adding to the chemicals and allergens already present in the air around you.

The Wellness United WM-108 Aroma diffuser actively removes these harmful chemicals.

Moreover, thanks to its Ultrasonic technology the Wellness108 breaks down Essential Oils into minute particles and allows them to be more effectively absorbed into your sinuses and respiratory tract, where they’re needed most.  So in a nutshell, you’ll get more benefit out of your Essential Oils when using the WM-108.

Essential Oils have multiple and diverse health properties.

For example, Lavender is an anti-bacterial oil that helps with headaches and calms your nervous system, helping you to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Peppermint is often used to help with nausea, colds & PMS.

Lemon Balm is an antidepressant that also helps with inflammation and stress.  For more essential oils click here. 

Benefits of a Humidifier:

Humidifiers infuse the air with moisture.  They help to ease dry, cracked skin and allow your skin stay hydrated and supple.

Humidifiers are especially useful in the winter when the air around us is incredibly dry but also – surprisingly – they are also necessary in summer due to air-conditioning removing all moisture from the air.  In fact, humidifiers combat the negative effects of air conditioners brilliantly from an external perspective (doesn’t dry out your skin) to an internal one (eases the harshness of the dry air on your respiratory tract).

Dry air has been linked to multiple respiratory tract issues as well as aggravating irritated mucous membranes.  Most rooms have less than 30% humidity.  A healthy range would be between 40-60% humidity.  The Wellness108 alters the room’s humidity to within the healthy range.   And remember, dry air occurs often from air conditioning but also when the heater is on.  The Wellness108 really caters to your needs all year round.


  • Model: Wellness United WM108 Aroma Diffuser (Previously known as ION108)
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 21cm (tall) x 11cm (wide)
  • Auto off when water level is low
  • Operating time: 6 Hours on one refill
  • 240V 15W adapter included

Additional information

Weight 0.88 kg

Running time

7 hours between filling with water

Auto off with low water level


Negative Ion Generation




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