Sinchies Vinyl Waterproof Labels (20 Pack)

Sinchies Vinyl Waterproof Labels (20 Pack)


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These labels make it easy to identify what’s in your Sinchies stash in the freezer. The pack of 20 waterproof pouch labels includes 5 x orange, 5 x green, 5 x yellow and 5 x white stickers for you to colour-code or label your Sinchies reusable pouches.

Use a whiteboard marker so the text is easily rubbed off or a chalk pen or permanent marker (& use eucalyptus oil to rub the permanent off) to write on your labels with.

At Sinchies we’re always trying to save your time and money and this is just another way to do that! Mix up batches of baby food, smoothies for lunchboxes, fruit ices in your Sinchies Pops or whatever you choose, and label them all and freeze them. They’re all ready for when you need to head out! Easy!

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