UltraStream Water Filter

The UltraStream is a leading sink-top water filter!

The UltraStream is a water filtering, ionising, hydrogen infusing, alkalizing unit!  It is so much in one unit that it simply is worth its weight in gold. The UltraStream takes out:  
    • Pesticides - 99.99%
    • Chlorine & Chloramines - 99%
    • Heavy Metals - 98%
    • Fluoride - 70%
The UltraStream puts in:  
    • pH - water is alkalized 1,000 times
    • Hydrogen Gas - antioxidant properties
    • Magnesium - 2.4 times
    • Calcium - 1.7 times
It’s not just what the UltraStream takes out. It’s what it puts in that makes it so powerful.



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Enjoy filtered water at home with the UltraStream Water Filter.

The UltraStream is an advanced, affordable, sink-top water filter, alkalizer and ionizer that simply does it all. The amount of toxins that it removes and nutrients it puts in places it on the same platform as other water systems that cost thousands! Not only does the UltraStream filter and ionize your tap water but it also alkalizes, removing the acidity and creating a high pH that’s good for your body.

Benefits of the UltraStream:

Water filtration:
  • High quality filtration using the latest technology
  • Water filter lasts up to 12 months

Removes harmful contaminants including:
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride (up to 70%)
  • Heavy metals
  • Bacteria

Puts in beneficial nutrients:
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Trace minerals

  • Equivalent to many ionizers on the market that are thousands of dollars
  • Consistent negative ORP in range of -350mV

Hydrogen rich:
  • Produces a hydrogen rich, powerful antioxidant effect
  • Adds more hydrogen gas infused than electronic water ionizers that are up to 10 times more expensive.

  • Raises the pH level approximately 2 points higher than source water – usually around pH8-10
  • Variable pH capability by adjusting the flow rate

How it works:

The UltraStream’s filter is made up of 8 layers of filtration and energizing media. As the water flows through each layer is reacts to each media’s properties.The different layers are:

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