Vita-Easy VE767 High Power Blender

Vita-Easy VE767 High Power Blender

Vita-Easy VE767 Professional blender with high power and versatility. Made to blend and blend and blend!

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Vita-Easy VE767 Professional Blender, high power and versatility

Turn whole foods into delicious smoothies in seconds!
Turn dry foods into powder or flour
Restaurant quality ice-cream/sorbets
Hot soups in 5 mins
Chop vegetables, crush ice, make dips or baby foods
Benefit from the whole food by pulverising skins, pith and seeds
Nothing is wasted and everything is smooth, even with tougher items like raw ginger
Make your own nut milks with no preservatives and save money
Easy to use and clean

The Vita Easy comes with a 12 month warranty
The Vita Easy comes with a no risk, 30 Day Money Back guarantee!
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Motor: The Vita Easy VE 767 Blender features a massive 3 Horsepower, 2200W motor of a quality that is only otherwise seen in the Vitamix Blender

Endurance: The Vita Easy Blender is built to blend and blend.

Complete variable speed control: The Vita Easy is the slowest and the fastest blender, allowing you to blend ice and knead dough easily and thoroughly. This feature ensures precision and control over consistency.

Precision Designed Blades:
Stainless Steel multi-purpose blades allow you to blend ice, all grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. all with one blade.
The blades in the VitaEasy Blender are specifically designed to be able to make HOT soup within minutes using friction heat, whilst also being able to create FROZEN desserts within seconds.

2 Litre multipurpose jug (wet and dry in one) made from Food Grade Polycarbonate with a heat/melting point which is over 120 Degrees Celsius. BPA-FREE and approved by the European Commission for Food Safety, the FDA, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL).
Voltage and Plug: 240V, Australian Plug

Tamper included for mixing while the machine is operating (eg when making ice-cream or starting soups)

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm


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