Considering purchasing a Chi Machine – Should you buy the Sun Ancon Chi Machine?

Buy Our Quality Assured Sun Ancon Chi Machine for Better Health

Sun Ancon chi machine for sale has been around since the introduction of the Sun Ancon around 30 years ago, at which time it was made to operate at 140 swings per minute. To this day, it is claimed that this is the optimal speed but is that really the case? Well, actually no, in some cases, it is much better for the patient to have a slower, gentler speed or a faster speed with a more energising effect. Customer and clinical feedback from many health practitioners confirms this.

Technology has advanced and made possible the creation of an advanced Chi Machine that operates at anywhere from 90 to 160 swings per minute. At the time of its development, the Sun Ancon technology was limited to a fixed speed, so 140 swings per minute was chosen. The Oxychi Bodywave Chi Machine was designed in Australia and is an excellent upgrade. It really is the world’s Best Chi Machine! It creates the same figure 8 “Bodywave” that gets the circulation flowing and stimulates lymphatic drainage; you now have the option to choose the speed that suits you best.

    Think about it, would you walk only at a single pace? Of course not! There are times when you feel like a leisurely stroll and other times when a brisk walk feels just right. In fact, some people find that they need a slower, gentler action, so slower, more gentle speeds are much better for these people. This is especially the case with the elderly or in cases where a fast movement would cause pain. Technology is always advancing, which lead to the creation of the Oxychi Bodywave Pro, which was created to improve on the original Sun Ancon and other Chi Machines such as the Zen Chi in many ways:

    sun ancon chi machine

    Why our customers chose the Oxychi bodywave over the Sun Ancon or other brands of Chi Machines?

    Firstly the Oxychi has the same swing action, and both produce the figure 8 effect (Bodywave action) Don’t be fooled by sites saying that only a particular brand will do this or that only one speed will work.The Oxychi Bodywave 20 Speed Pro takes advantage of the latest motor technology using the highest quality components and comes with a 2-year warranty

    Designed in Australia by leading a leading Naturopath to increase comfort and effectiveness, it also exceeds Australian Electrical standards. It is the only machine to offer a warm-up and warm-down feature that has become very popular!

    The Oxychi Bodywave comes in 3 models:

    • 20 Speed Pro* (with completely variable speeds with number 15 being 140 swings per minute) and optional warm-up and unique warm down feature (unique to the Pro model)

    *Our most popular model and the one used by many health practitioners across Australia

    • 5 Speed (offering slower or faster speeds with number 4 being 140 swings per minute
    • Single Speed (140 swings per minute) which is the same as the older style Sun Ancon chi machine or ZenChi

    The modern design of the Oxychi Machine is much loved and looks great in your home or clinic.The upgraded silent timer is a great feature compared to the old ticking timer on the Sun Ancon or other older style Chi Machines such as the Zen Chi. Value for money is important, and when selecting the Oxychi Bodywave you are buying the best product and also saving money.We now offer free shipping Australia wide and professional after-sales service via our sister company Malvern Natural Health Care – A multimodality Clinic in Melbourne where the Oxychi Machine is used for treatment.

    Feedback from previous Sun Ancon users who have upgraded to the Oxychi has been fantastic. So, enjoy the Oxychi bodywave in complete confidence that you are buying the best Chi Machine that money can buy.Genuine Australian sheepskin covers are available for those who like that extra level of comfort and can be added with your purchase.The Oxychi is an Australian owned brand and comes with a 2-year return to base warranty on parts and labour.

    Call us for more information, or if you are local to our clinic in Malvern East in Melbourne, come in and try it for free!