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The Angel Juicer

Angel Juicer Side

The best Juicer on the Planet has arrived at Wellness United.
We are delighted to announce that we are now the direct importers of this amazing machine!

With its twin gears, 100% stainless steel construction, massive power and superior juice extraction the Angel is the juicer for anyone wanting maximum yield, maximum nutrition, sheer elegance and quality.

As a Naturopath for more than 20 years I’ve tried pretty much every juicer known to man and the Angel is by far the best juicer I’ve ever used in terms of both the quality of juice and the quantity it produces.
In our testing the Angel produced 30% more than the next best juicer which was the Greenpower twin gear juicer and much more compared to all other juicers.
Lets face it, fresh organic vegetable and fruits are expensive so why waste them by using a juicer that wastes so much of the juice?

When it comes to juicing greens there is nothing better, the Angel Juicer basically pulls the leafy greens through by itself leaving the driest pulp you can imagine.
Other cold press juicers are prone to blocking or low yield when juicing greens but the Angel loves them. After all its the greens that we should really be juicing anyway….Why? Because they are packed full of Alkaline nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, their high in B vitamins and Iron and full of phyto-nutrients that communicate with our Genes to alter their expression in a positive way (turning off Cancer Genes, or balancing immunity for example)

Imagine a pulp that is so dry you can’t squeeze a drop out of it! The amount of extra juice you get with an Angel Juicer will save you a heap off your monthly fruit and veg bill. For example, if a family paid $100 a week on fruit and veg that would mean a saving of $1,560.00 (more than the cost of your initial investment in just 1 year!)

The motor is heavy duty 3HP (Horse Power) Not only is the motor incredibly strong, it spins the 2 massive stainless steel gears at a low 90RPM or revs per minute retaining all the enzymes and nutrients.
The gears are closer together compared to other twin gear juicers which results in the larger volume of juice and increases its ability to extract all the nutrition, even from seeds and skins that are otherwise wasted by regular juicers.

The juice also tastes deliciously smooth and is virtually pulp free.

With a juicer of this quality you want to be sure that your warranty is secure. The Angel Juicer comes with 10 year warranty on the motor and 12 months on parts and when purchased from us or one of our resellers it comes backed by Wellness United as the Australian Importers so your warranty is Australian based and backed by our customer service team available on our toll free number 1300 898 563 to assist you with any inquiries.

We currently stock the Angel 5500 model with the top of the range Angel 8500 coming soon.