What makes the Oxychi Bodywave Pro the world’s best Chi Machine?

In designing the world’s best the chi machine, it was important to ensure that it would suit as many people as possible and to incorporate feedback from users of older style machines such as the sun ancon and zenchi sewing machines.

The following features were considered or improved


The original chi machines operated at a fixed speed of 140 swings per minute which was thought at the time to be the optimal speed; however, many people reported that this was either too slow or, more commonly, too fast, especially if they were elderly or had injuries. There was clearly an opportunity to improve the design.

The Oxy Chi Bodywave Pro (the most popular model) has been specially designed with 20 speeds ranging from 90 and160 swings per minute. This means that you can now choose from a super slow, relaxing motion all the way up to a very fast one. Now you can choose the speed that suits your body every time. You may enjoy a more vigorous treatment in the mornings, for example, and a slower relaxing one in the evening or simply to relax.

It is also common for multiple family members to share the same machine, each with their own preference.

We are all individuals, and everybody is unique. So too, should your exercise program be, you will get the best results from a tailored treatment.

Additionally, on the Pro 20 speed model, a unique warm-up and warm down feature has been added, so rather than starting and stopping abruptly, there is a 20-second warm-up and warm-down period allowing the action to come to a gentle stop.

For those who prefer a rapid stop, this can still be achieved with an additional press of the stop button.


The timers on the sunancon and zenchi were like ticking egg timers which some people found distracting, so we upgraded the timer to a 15-minute silent digital version with added features, including the ability to change the speed on the go or extend or stop the treatment early.


The Oxychi’s side to side “swing action” creates a figure 8, or fish-like movement throughout the body in common to older machines. This creates a wonderful relaxing feeling which needs to be experienced to be understood. This therapeutic effect that releases tension while stimulating energy and movement of “Chi” (Energy)

It has also been referred to as “relaxecise” Exercising while you relax!

Design and Comfort

A new modern design was chosen with a classy black casing.

The foot cradles were originally made of hard plastic, so a new rubber cradle was developed to make the Oxychi more comfortable.

Additionally, high-quality Australian made sheepskin covers have been created to make your experience even more enjoyable. Although not a must, these add to the overall experience.


The worlds best chi machine had to be made with the highest quality components. We searched the world for the best components and upgraded the motor.


The oxychi machine operates at 240V / 50Hz with an AU plug and comes with CE and SAA certifications exceeding Australian electrical safety standards, which are widely known to be the highest in the world.


Two years Australian warranty covering parts and labour


Value for money

The Oxychi is not only the worlds Best Chi Machine; it is available at an affordable price.

“The OxyChi Bodywave Pro is by far the best Chi machine on the planet; it’s the one we use with our patients.”

Benjamin Deutscher N.D. (Naturopath and Musculoskeletal Therapist)


To help you get the most from the best Chi Machine, you will want to choose a comfortable place in a quiet location. We recommend using the Oxychi while lying on a yoga or exercise mat for comfort.

Relax into the movement rather than resisting it, just as you do with meditation. Just let go and let the Oxychi do the work.

You may wish to play some music to suit your desired treatment outcome.

If you are new to using a Chi Machine, then start on a slow speed and use it for a few minutes, then gradually build up the time and speed over a few days or weeks as you know how your body responds.

If you experience any pain in the ankles, use at a slower speed and consider the sheepskin cover.

If you experience knee pain or have lower back problems, you can try placing a pillow or towel under the knees.

If your goal is to relax and unwind before bed, then advise using a slower speed and obviously some relaxing music.

Wait a minute before getting up to enjoy the “body wave” or the buzz of energy. Your brain and the whole body has been oxygenated, and it can take some getting used to at first. Get up slowly.

Drink water after the treatment to enhance detoxification and lymphatic drainage.