Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy Sleep 25ml

Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy Sleep 25ml

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Dr Bach’s famous Rescue Remedy with added White Chestnut 25ml

  • Great presents, keep one at home, work, car, first aid kit etc
  • Dr Bach’s famous formula consists of the following 6 flower essences:

Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum (PLUS White Chestnut)


This wonderful formula is a Natural Sleep Aid and helps create calm and balance in times of stress and can be used as little or as often as desired. It does not cause drowsiness and is safe to use at any time as it helps with many of the emotional causes of sleeplessness, allowing the body to let go into sleep rather than forcing it.

(Rescue remedy Sleep is very gentle and safe and can also be used with any other medications or herbs without side effects or interactions)


Rescue remedy Sleep is also great for pets!

When moving house or for assisting the grief process for loss of a loved one.

Dogs that are scared of anything, Cats that Panic and run up the curtains, Fish that freak out when the light are turned on etc.


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