Oscar NEO 1000

Oscar NEO 1000

The Oscar NEO 1000 is all about convenience, easy to use functionality and a powerful motor.

The Oscar NEO 1000 is a strong, reliable juicer thanks to a powerful motor and a new “Ultem” auger that’s the strongest on the market.  It can chop and juice its way through the toughest items and still be easy to clean and easy to use thanks to the classic Oscar design.  It has a slimmer, more modern look to the Oscar 900 and will look fabulous on your kitchen top.  And as it comes in Black, White, Burgundy & Chrome you can be sure to find a colour that suits your other appliances.  Add to that the fact that it has a massive 20 Year Warranty on the motor and 10 Years on parts and you have a winner!



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The Oscar NEO DA 1000 is a tough, hard working juicer!

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The Oscar NEO DA1000 Cold Press Juicer is the toughest juicer thanks to its new “Ultem” auger. It makes short work of hard fruit, vegies and tough nuts. The NEO 1000 also comes with a pulp adjustment nozzle so you can have the exact amount of pulp in your juice that you like. Perfect for medium to large households or those who want a reliable, easy to use juicer with a fabulous 20 year Warranty on the motor and 10 years on parts. Plus it has a slimmer, more modern look than the Oscar 900.

Key Features of the NEO 1000:

  • Stronger BPAY free “Ultem” tough parts
  • Pulp adjustment nozzle
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Multipurpose: juicing, mincing, chopping & pasta making functions
  • Great for fruits, vegies & wheatgrass
  • 20 Year warranty on motor – 10 years on the parts
  • Built in reverse feature to prevent clogging
  • Quiet operation

Ways you can do with the Oscar NEO 1000:

Fruit Juice:

  • Soft & hard fruits including citrus fruits.

Vegetable Juice:

  • The NEO 1000 can juice all kinds of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, celery, peppers and radishes.
  • The nutrition is guaranteed thanks to its cold pressing ability.

Grass Juicer:

  • Wheatgrass.
  • Aloe leaves.
  • Pine tree leaves and more!

Chopper Function:

  • Chop your way through produce such as: garlic, ginger, red pepper,
  • Can also do herbs & seasonings.

Mincing Function:

  • Perfect for creating baby food.
  • Great for making nut butters, dips & jams.
  • Can even make ice-cream!

Pasta Kit:

  • Make fresh noodles in just minutes!

Included Accessories:

Juicing Auger & Strainer, Collections Jugs, Tamper, Cleaning Brush, Mincing, Food Processing & Pasta Attachments

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions N/A




Single Phase Induction






CE Certified


BPAY free Ultem Tough polycarbonate



Extraction Type:

Single Gear / Cold Press

Product Weight:


Product Dimensions:

L 26cm, W 22cm, H 18cm

Nutrient life:

Vital nutrients stay alive for up to 48 hours thanks to the cold press / mortar & pestle like action of the Oscar 900.


Black, Chrome, Burgundy, White


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