Having fresh juice prepared on the spot is as simple as selecting any fresh food items with an Angel Juicer. Wellness United is proud to be the leading distributor of Angel Juicers in Australia that are available in different varieties.

With its high yield and nutrient retaining capacities, it is the first choice of cold press juicers.
Why Choose Angel Juicer
Sweet fruits? Healthy vegetables, or crisps greens? Whatever tickles your fancy, the Angel Juicer 5500 never disappoints. You can drink it neat or get a little creative to mix it up and whip up something special. The endless varieties of natural taste and nutrition with pure homemade juice will add spice to your healthy living.

With unlimited versatility and maximum yield, the Angel Juicer 8500 retains all the nutrient value essential for proper body metabolism while supplying more juice than any other juicer in the market. It presents real value for money by avoiding wastage by preserving the precious juice from the waste pulp that you would otherwise throw out.

Buy an Angel Juicer in Australia to complement both your kitchen and health routines.

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