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OxyChi 20 Speed Pro – Chi Machine


Biocomfort Duo MKII Massager

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Check our our proffessional massage equipment that can be used at home or by therapists in proffesional settings.

The world renowned Hand held massager Biocomfort Duo MKII Massager Duo and The Oxy Chi (worlds best Chi Machine) are used by many health professionals including Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Yoga Centres.

The combination of the Biocomfort Duo as a hand held proffesional massager and the Oxychi passive exercise and muscle relaxation make a great combination. These can be used together with your favorite essential oils

Relaxercise is a term used to describe one of the benefits of the Oxy-Chi Machine.

Simply lay on the floor and rest your ankles on the foot cradle as your body is gently rocked creating a unique bodywave that improves oxygen, circulation and lymphatic flow.

Your muscles and joints are relaxed reducing back pain and conditions such as sciatica and heachaches.

The Oxychi machine also assists vegus nerve function, helping digestion and bowel motions, relieving constipation naturally.

If you need more energy or “Chi” then try the Oxychi Machine, our handheld massager and some high quality doterra essential oils.